Grand Kasprowy Restaurant

We serve aged steaks and amazing regional dishes in a unique, comfortable interior, which was designed by Podhale craftsmen specialising in the chisel, brush, hammer and embroidery. The Grand Kasprowy Restaurant is located in one of the best-known hotels in Zakopane, which has become an icon of luxury. Such a location gives us a lot to live up to. That’s why our chef’s motto is “To the heart through all the senses”.

Aged steaks

This is our biggest pride. In a discreetly lit aging room, the best beef from local farmers ages over several weeks. After 30 days, the meat becomes soft and delicate. It also acquires an amazing aroma. You can choose which piece you’d like us to prepare for your table. We recommend this option if you’ve got a larger group.

Wood-fired oven

This oven gives dishes a unique flavour that’s incomparable to anything else. In a wood-fired oven, steaks, lamb and fish take on amazing aromas. Vegetables grilled in this oven taste sublime. For special occasions, we have the option of infusing dishes using cedar wood.

Regional specialties

In addition to aged steaks, we specialise in dishes made using regional products. One of them is our soft Podhale lamb – it owes its unique flavours to traditional grazing in the mountain pastures located throughout five national parks. We also have trout that comes from mountain streams, and saffron milk cap mushroom soup.

Coffee with a view

Our fireplace is surrounded by black suede armchairs and a table with highland rosettes. Rumour has it that this is where your afternoon coffee will taste the best. And if you top it off with a spectacular view of the Tatra Mountains with the towering Giewont, you don’t need much more for complete happiness. Well, maybe with the exception of warm apple pie with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Bachleda Hotel Kasprowy

Bachleda Hotel Kasprowy in Zakopane is one of the best-known hotels in the Polish mountains. Celebrities, athletes, politicians and business people all come here to relax. It’s famous for its amazing view of the Tatra panorama, its great location right next to the geothermal pools, the ski slope and excellent cuisine. The latter is, of course, thanks to us.